Soft resistance: through the contradiction between man and plant, we can see man's dependence on nature

#finalyear #plants

I have always been interested in the relationship between humans and plants, and I know that human survival and development cannot be separated from the support of nature. I try to show the silent protest of plants in a subtle way, so that people can interpret the images and actively think about the importance of nature and the plight of plants through a range of visual signs and prompts. The deep significance of this is that we are wholly reliant on nature as human beings, and therefore we should always pay attention and hold it in awe.

Sit in me

This work mainly emphasizes an interactive relationship between humans and plants, and also shows the contradiction between them. Outside tough plants, the heart is soft, they need more care form people. When we sit in such a chair, will there be a strong contrast in our hearts? This is what I want to pay attention to.

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