Placing simple cut out fabric shape of shirt, pants and sock with painted pound, dollar and question marks on top of it, producing artwork in Shopping area “Oxford street”- to evaluate people’s reaction. The idea to explore and record people’s reaction of disturbed artwork on the ground. I am interested in people’s reaction, mentality to the artwork. This project is not really about the artwork- is about the visual communication between artwork and viewers. Artwork is made of fabric which is cut out in shapes to pose clothes, on top painted symbols of money currency and question mark. The cut-out fabric clothe’s is in the shopping street, with idea to interact people who are interested in shopping. Artwork mirrors the street’s action- “to buy”. Is a communication between artwork and area itself. It could be a performance art itself- people walking on it, looking at it or destroying it. Showing signs on objects makes people to think about “price”. Could be readable as unlawful public installation.

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