"Self-expression is important... as long as the feeling is real and learned from your own experience." During COVID-19, I have had so many different experiences to usual. I was born into a family of teachers and too many expectations were placed on me, and the gap between the expectations of the different gen- have caused conflicts. In this project, I want to express my pain and convey the feelings in my heart, but I do not want to emphasize the "verbal conflict", even though it is a kind of "silent power“. The final outcome of my project is a book of photos. The purpose of this book is to capture my unique self, attract attention and express my thoughts. The book contains photos and screenshots I recorded on my mobile phone, and the audience can feel the pressure from my family and the conflict between us. Most of these scenes are very everyday pictures, but they achieve what I want to express. I want people who see my work to look at the world around them more carefully and to see the relationship between themselves and the people around them and their surroundings in a different mindset.

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