The direction of this project comes from the relationship between fashion and coronavirus, which means a new normal. In this urgent and unexpected situation. How can people guarantee their own safety while being comfortable and fashionable. Because people always feel that protection has become a secondary choice in the face of fashion. Therefore, I want to study this aspect through this design series. The theme of this project is a stylish design for medical staff to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The main inspiration comes from the protective clothing of medical staff. I want to adopt a new combination of fashion elements and protective clothing. Let people be able to protect themselves and be fashionable when wearing them. I combine the work of medical staff and artists as the outline of my design. And from the cocoon shell as the inspiration for my textiles. These are all trying to convey a new kind of ‘protection’. In terms of color, I tried to use the human body temperature photos produced by the temperature tester. These elements make the overall design more interesting. I want to tell people not to fear this unknown virus through this design. As long as you protect yourself, you can be fashionable when you go out.

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