In the New Normal project, I decide to record my daily life during the Covid-19. My project is called "Life". It is composed of three pictures and a short animation. I believe that "art comes from life". My work mainly introduces my simple and repeated life in the past few months. The character design is also based on myself. I used IPaid to draw a few simple pictures, because a short animation requires a lot of pictures. Digital tools are easy to modify and add colors. I chose cool colors to reflect my mood during Covid-19. In this project, I want to express the loneliness that I lived alone during Covid-19, People can’t meet because of the virus and can only communicate on the Internet.


shows after each class, we will have some homework, and I want to use this picture to show the state when I do my homework.

Online courses

There are paper and pens on the messy desk for recording. The computer will display the website interface, which will be displayed after each class.


I used to cook at home during Covid-19. Restaurants and shops are closed. Every time I go to the supermarket, I buy a lot of food.

Out of the window

I can only stand in front of the window and look out. Looking at the empty city, almost no one is walking outside.

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