I was inspired by my experiences during extraordinary times. The sudden pandemic has greatly changed our lifestyle and ceased everything in our life. During these times, I couldn't stop thinking about the connection with my life and my country. I was frustrated by Covid-19 which hindered and forbade my chance of having the courses in the UK. However, I still want to see the positive side brought to me by the epidemic. I participated in the fishing net weaving workshop and visited the Museum of Ancient Taiwan Tiles. These two experiences not only made me forget the depression of the lockdown but also let me learn more about the local culture and history that I didn’t know before. That's why I called this hanging bag ‘Memories bag’. In terms of materials, I collected natural wood and discarded fishing nets to finish an outlook of the bag. Also, cut the fabric into strips and weaved into a tile pattern knitting designed by myself. The biggest thing I’ve learned is to maintain a positive attitude towards life. This has hugely inspired my life, and I hope you can also be inspired.

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Memories Bag

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