The main purpose of my project is to show signs of skin diseases and skin color to the outside world under the bigger diseases like pandemic or some other physical diseases in human body. For this project, what inspired me was a work called Penetration. In this work, student used multiple layers of glass and red paint to create an installation art to express people infected by the COVID-19 spreading rapidly. So he inspired me to think of ,using the signal from the body to the outside world, to be displayed by human skin, under the condition of disease, to express the terrible disease and the passing of life. In the collage, it is not difficult to see I have chosen a lot of pictures about skin diseases and infectious diseases. In this project, I want to use the COVID-19 as a new aspect, and the display of diseases on the skin as an old aspect as a point that fits the New Normal, so I joined the COVID-19 at the beginning of the collage. The skin of the infected person will turn black to interpret my thoughts.

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