My discipline is fashion design, but I use painting to show this project. I want my work to reflect my experience, so I haven’t set the final outcome. I think whether it is the painting, the device or the product, it can show our reflection. In the first picture, I painted a person's face on an electronic screen. The person's gender and age may not be obvious and the person has no mood. It seems to be wearing a mask because the body language and facial expressions are blurred. In the second picture, I draw a real person and a virtual person communicating through the screen. The text on the screen is the coding and web address of some expressions, words and pictures. All this is like a dialogue between virtual and real. We may communicate more actively because we are behind the screen, or we may become a virtual person because of the loss of authenticity behind the screen. During this period, our changes are multifaceted. I hope my works can reflect some problems, either positive or negative. Thinking about these problems can also bring changes to us.

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