Lost is a conceptual photography work, I used a long exposure way to record some objects and my personal daily life in my hometown during the recent lockdown. I want to represent my feeling about time perception, and state of people who live in a small town when they lost their focus in that isolation. Because at that time, I found some people living in small cities lost the ability to balance their life. The perception of time became vague and uncertain in some small cities, which was influenced by attention and emotion. This phenomenon was the “new normal” happening around me. Moreover, I found the slower pace of life in small cities made this phenomenon more noticeable. As for me, I started going to bed later and getting up later, and I always felt that I hadn’t got anything done, which was all in essence a loss of time. The long periods of isolation distorted my time perception, which made me anxious. So, I want to represent my perception about the vague, uncertain, surreal at that time. Also, I want to display the simple life of people living in a small city when they lost their focus in their life.

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