My project title “élan vital” is from the philosopher Henri Bergson. It is a description of a mystery force that push the evolution and development of organisms. In my moving image, people or animals they are both actively meet the passive challenge — I mean the life changes that be brought by coronavirus. And they had shown their forwardly adaption or resistance to it. That could be regard to a kind of elan vital in some sense.

Elan Vital

It is about showing the two different attitudes that when people facing isolation, and present by the tone of the two most common pets, cats and dogs. And I want delivery some positive things through my work.

In this project, firstly I did a wide research about the special coronavirus time according my own experiences and a small range of interview with my peers. After combed that research, I found that many points are linked, they have a common characteristic – “isolation”. So, I use it as the item of my work, and do a further research. Then I found that there are two kinds of different attitudes about the isolation. One is positive another is very against this kind of restriction to them.

And through the inspiration of a moving imagine art work named “Jogging” which created by Zhi Ying. I turned my attention into my daily life and founded that except human are being isolated, as pets, that cats and dogs are isolated in their whole life. And cats and dogs have very different characteristics which could compare with the different attitudes of human about isolation. So, I used cat and dog as a presenter severally for it.

For achieve this kind of expression, I did several steps as below. Firstly, I downloaded a lot of video about human behavior in the isolation time and some documentary film about cats and dogs, as editor materials. Also, in order to achieve integration, and shape the connection between them. I used a way similar the movie editing theory – montage, to re-edit and stitch together those different scenes. Then I chosen some of the common characteristics of the two factions, cats or dogs, and humans, and wrote a short autobiography. And both of them were written in a tone of personified animals, which I used as a metaphorical way of expressing. They are apparently about animals, but actually it’s corresponded to human behavior and characteristics. This kind of metaphor strengthens the connection between the two objects I have chosen to express; otherwise, by giving the descriptions less directly, but giving clues in a roundabout way, it helps to involve the audience in my work.

I hope my audience could felt a little positive emotion through my work, whether it’s a pleasure of watching cute cats and dogs, or the humorous behavior that makes you laugh, or the inspiration that you realized the fact that people are still energetic when they face of sudden change. Any of them are I want to see.

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