I am a fashion designer and I am keen on reflecting social phenomena from my work. We are experiencing a coronavirus pandemic, and most people are keeping a distance and feeling scared and lonely. I was inspired by some true stories of coronavirus and hospitals from news and documentaries in Wuhan. I found that watching some people made me cry easily, especially when I saw those close to death. I felt moved by images of doctors, patients, recovered people and family members who had lost their loved ones. They suffered physically and mentally, just like the 'Lonely Patients' in my project. The outcome of this project is a concept for a capsule collection of digital menswear. I chose the white and light blue of the PPE kits of current necessity to symbolize the cold loneliness of this period. During the process I researched the movement of a hug. By seeing the hugs of the ‘Lonely Patients' blocked, the viewers of my designs can be aware of the pain caused by physical limitations. I hope that through my work, the viewers will sense loneliness and pain. My intention is that in this way, the viewers’ thoughts and feelings are stimulated to help the people affected by the pandemic to overcome loneliness.





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