In this realistic three-dimensional world, the existence of any matter will be connected with other matter. Even if matter is in a vacuum, it will be connected in the torrent of time.Unfortunately, this sudden new coronavirus has severed most of the connections in our lives.This made me very frustrated,so I want to express this complex pain that is feeling of the lost part of life. The sketchbook has always been a good place to record inspiration, you can try anything. But for the final work, I still choose to use digital painting, which is the most skilled and convenient for me. Therefore, I revisited the sketchbook and chose the interesting part of the previous animation script to create this illustration. The idea that this work ultimately wants to express is a connection. The connection between space and space, the connection between people, the connection between thought and thought. Even during home isolation, the connection never seems to be interrupted.In painting, I depict a more real world, but in terms of lighting, I chose a more abstract and flat expression. The real-world lighting in the painting uses cool colors, reflecting the current real-world situation. I chose warmer colors for projectors, mobile phones and window lights because I wanted to show that communication in the spiritual world is still full of hope. Flowers and clocks appearing under the lights are also carefully arranged. In fact, when communicating, time is passing. "Flower" also means time in Eastern traditional concepts.


Even during home isolation, the connection never seems to be interrupted.

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