This series of illustration inspired by my life during the COVID-19 and the girl in this work is me. During that special time, I had to stay at home for two months and couldn’t go anywhere. Moreover, my lifestyle was changed and I had to postpone my plan to study in the UK. So I decided to record this special time through illustrations. In terms of materials, I used colored pencils to do the color sample and then used iPad to finish my final outcome. In terms of color matching, I chose lively colors to illustrate this project. Because I think, although COVID-19 is more negative than positive, it also allows me to spend more time with my family and gave me different life experience. On the other hand, I hope that people who see this series of illustrations will face it with a positive attitude and let the atmosphere of the whole work be relaxed. This project records the appearance of the COVID-19 in my eyes. In addition, even under the same circumstances, people will have a different experience. So another purpose of my work is to let people know about my life during the COVID-19.

Take temperature

When I returned to the community, the security would always take my temperature first.

Online course

Due to the COVID-19, I had to choose online classes instead of going to London face to face. Moodle is the website we use for class and it connects us with London.

Stay at home

It tells how messy I was when I was at home. The thing on the mirror is virus and it represents that I we always surrounded by virus during that time.

Read the news

At that time, the first thing I woke up every day was to read the news about COVID-19. The most impressed me was that the number of confirmed diagnoses was rising sharply every day, and I didn’t know when it would end, I was worried every day.

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