During the coronavirus, the world suddenly stopped busy at the same time, and everyone was in a closed state. My life has changed a lot from the past, I can't go out freely or go to school on time, etc. I just get the news from the outside world through TV news every day. During this long period, I accumulated a large number of express boxes cause I could not go out. Gradually, I developed an affection with them, and they became the objects bearing my deep memory of these time. I used acrylic paint to create on 5 pieces of cardboard with different shapes and sizes. In this long serious time, loneliness and pain seem to cover everyone’s life, while we can also see the love and hope growing out of pain. Moreover, few of sadness, emotion, or anger that happens to us on a daily is worth recording, any of pain and love shouldn’t be easily forgotten. The content of this work is like a mirror from the past, but it can reflect the future. Through the creation process of the COVID-19, with a deeper understanding of individuals, families, communities, and cities. In this situation of mass and isolation, we could easy to get stuck, and I have to think about how to focus on that relationship.

Incomplete Series

Acrylic on cardboard 150*230


watercolor, pencil, paper

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