The whole project has been built around COVID-19, and in this particular time, everything we do is very different from what it used to be. With this background, I created this project, which is composed of four small installations. In the process of creation, I first used Sketchbook to brainstorm and extracted some main elements, such as bowls, plates, spoons, and forks, from which I thought these items were easy to find at home. Due to their small size, they were convenient for creation. Next, I wrap these items in clingfilm, which is a tool to prevent food spoilage, and I use it to represent the virus's isolation. I chose styrofoam to characterize the virus because its bubble holes are very similar to viruses, but this uncertainty makes it difficult to operate. According to the virus pictures collected from the previous investigation, I colored the foam according to its own color. The final work looks like tableware controlled by a virus. The bright color makes them seem not terrible, but it seems like a nightmare that has brought significant changes to my life and changed our life's original appearance. This work is also intended to record and reflect the state of my life during this particular period.

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