I am an illustrator student. I focus on studying psychology and human behavior, combining my personal experience and feelings, trying combine rationality and sensibility to express some positive or negative emotions in my works. During the lockdown, I was very eager for the outside world, i imagined many scenes of traveling, set my cat as the protagonist, and completed a set of "photo illustrations" from the perspective of a photographer. This set of illustrations is completed by ipad. I use illustrations to connect the real world and fantasy world, use cat to give vitality to each illustrations and connect them into a complete story line. We set sail on the sea at the beginning, then watched the sunset and snow, next appreciated sakura in the mountains and charming co/rals on the sea floor. We attended partys to meet new friends and taste palatable foods, and left some precious memories. Each pictures represents a desire that cannot be ignored in my heart, longing for the outside world. In the future, I will be more dedicated to studying the simple and real human psychology, and try more ways of expression. I will also choose some other materials and explore more combinations, which may involve installation art or digital media. I will try to connect my works with products, and work on more commercial and emotional works, in addition to conveying my concept, but also get some benefits and profits.



finial work

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