During the epidemic, I began to have the idea of making games that relieve anxiety, so that people can maintain a good attitude in this uncertain period. Because during that time, people stayed at home almost rely on the Internet for communication and entertainment to alleviate the anxiety of travel restrictions. After studying, I found that the mental state of being absorbed by playing Tetris can alleviate people's anxiety. I hope that through design, games and technology will be applied to contemporary life, and some challenging entertainment activities will help people get out of difficulties and maintain a good attitude. I use an illustration to express my game concept-a Tetris racing game based on augmented reality. The game is driven by the cassette in the socket, projecting the virtual game environment into reality. In the process of transforming these concepts, I chose to combine Tetris with popular cyberpunk style, adopting the characteristics of collision between tradition and technology, and shaping a stimulating visual experience in terms of colour. I hope I can combine contemporary technology with daily life through my own understanding and design, and help people live a better life.


While I tried to learn from procreate’s technique, an drawing applicaton, I also tried to change my work by the application which can help me make models. This helped me determine the concept of how to increase space in the project.

Augmented Reality Tetris

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