The project was about the effect of COVID-19 on people's emotion.My artworks occupy the spaces at the intersection of behavior art and device by using a multiplicity of materials. They seek to highlight the feeling and attitude of their surroundings and provide a humorous way to face COVID-19. With each mask, there is a relationship that builds in surroundings. From flowers to rainbow, river to the woods, my masks look to be a positive part of the surroundings. Each individual elements into the mask of my labor, often accompanied with a transmitting function of feelings.The style that I execute uses exaggerate bright green colors while still creating a recognizable form that showy to the audience.Thus I tried to use this simple mask device to awaken the spring in their hearts.At the same time,I wanted to encourage people not to lose their yearning for the beauty and enjoy the life even the life is not so good.It is this virtual emotion that is embedded into the mask devices and manifests itself in behavior art.Thus breaking the limits of human mental endurance to have a more challenging and tolerant heart.

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