I am from China, the country where the new crown was first discovered. I check the news every day, and I often check the statistics of the number of patients with covid-19 in different regions. Every day, more people get sick. From the news, I see that medical workers from different countries are helping each other to cure covid-19, and governments are providing relief materials to each other. I feel that disasters and illnesses do not differ because of nationality or religion. We can fight against disaster by helping each other. I’m tried to express this view in my work. We've spent a lot of time trying to cure the covid-19, and we need more time to actually end it. At the same time, I want to help people stay positive in difficult situations. In this work, I used sandpaper to polished pattern of the globe. I focused on the process of behavior, and there are many uncertain factors that affect the final effect. Because I'm not sure what the globe will look like or color. When I repeated my movements, these patterns of the globe became dust, their fell on the table together. I took video and photo about all behavior.

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