Artistic creation is a process of diverge inspiration. I tried to express my concern about the treatment of children infected with COVID-19. It also draws my attention to the vulnerability faced by children and what society can do. Clay is my first choice. It can be all-inclusive, soft and hard. Being able to include all other materials makes me realize the different charm of composite materials. I don't want to make a perfect sculpture, I just want to express the feeling of different materials. I don't really want to show the pain caused by the disease, but the emotion it creates on me. No one is not afraid of disease, but I dream of finding an art of balance, a pure and dreamy art that will not be frustrating and unsettling. It is like those cotton swabs in my works, symbolizing the brilliance of the sun and the hope of victory. When my mind works quickly, I often think of something lovely, which may have something to do with drawing children's picture books or liking animated movies. The colors and spots reflected in the sculpture are pictures of countless movie scenes that have come to mind in my mind, either joyful or sad. Even if it is a fairy tale cartoon character, it also makes me understand some truth and philosophy of life. It's the same with my work. At least I'm moving in that direction.

'flowerpot'-final artwork-show

the combination of light and shadow with works

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