This is my new normal project, I used street graffiti, which took up a large scale, so I want to show more in the visual aspect of my work. I only used black and white as monochrome to express my work. The reason is that I felt helpless and monotonous when I faced life during the new normal period. If color was used to express emotions during that time, it was monochromatic for me, so I think this kind of performance is the most appropriate. in terms of the expression of the work itself, I was inspired by clockwork toys, because the clockwork toys were repeated actions for a certain period of time. I integrated my own image into the work, in the picture, there were elements of life around me that I had to face every day. Facing the cycle of life, I wanted to convey my emotions and want all the changes. At the same time, graffiti itself needs to be created outdoors, and I was forbidden to go out for a long time, which is a kind of breakthrough. I also felt the wonder of creating outdoors.

New Normal project process record

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