Looking at the anti-epidemic posters that can be seen everywhere on the street, few people combine the posters with masks. Therefore, I chose to create art on the masks because I want everyone to look unique in the crowd, so that everyone can become an artist of life. Maybe I'm not a professional painter. I can't draw things that everyone likes. But I want to be a special painter. I can paint on the mask, so that people can keep fashionable on the premise of keeping healthy. At the same time, I want people to find a glimmer of hope from my works and have an optimistic attitude towards life. I hope people can slow down the pace of life and feel life with heart. I hope bright colors can keep people in a good mood, and safe and healthy materials can make people enjoy life more at ease. I firmly believe that if you want to feel the charm of art, you should start from the bits and pieces of life.

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