This work was produced in this special period. I used fabrics to make decorative masks and included elements from nature such as sunlight, beach, and wave. My decision is not difficult for creating this work. Recently, masks are an important topic, and people often discuss it, and these discussions tend to be serious. However, for people who would go out and a more relaxed state, there is an irreconcilable relationship between serious objective conditions and people's subjective emotions. In this way, the goal of my work is formed, and I hope to bring people a relaxed and happy mood through rich colours. I extract colours from landscape photography and imitate the natural effects of light, beaches, and waves through the texture of the fabric. Beautiful landscape photography in my creation means that it can affect the emotions of most people. It is connected to people's consciousness. Sometimes people have to imagine through images, especially in difficult times. I hope that when people go out with the masks I made, they will not only discuss the masks but the good memories of the past and the good vision of life after the pandemic.

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