My new Normal work was inspired by my reflection on my behavior during the epidemic. Due to the epidemic, people tend to reject the quarantined people, refuse to communicate with them, which causes them psychological pressure. It made me reflect on myself. Before that, I didn't realize that my behavior was the same as theirs. Therefore, I used posters to express this phenomenon. In the process, I am simplified elements are combined with text to highlight the theme. This means that more and more people are being enclosed in their houses and kept at a safe distance. Also, I used plastic, the main protective material during this period, to express the sense of distance. Cover the posters with plastic to make them look like plastic walls that more closed and blurry. Through my posters I want the viewer to experience isolation, and to help people realize that family isolation is a preventive measure and that they don't have to be ostracized for it. It also encourages people in isolation to maintain a positive attitude.

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