I had a lot of dreams while sleeping at home during the COVID-19 period. The content of these dreams was very rich, but they all had one thing in common. They were all very positive, which gave me great confidence in the difficult life at the time. This gave me a lot of inspiration. I feel that although the epidemic has stopped many functions of society, the human mind is still operating and moving forward. So he created a series of posters describing the content of dreams. I liken sleep to the period of the new crown virus, because the period of the new crown virus stops many things, just like sleep stops life. I want to compare the dream to a positive state of mind. The main reason is to encourage everyone to have a good attitude and face life optimistically when encountering difficulties. The overall poster is divided into three parts, work, study, and travel. The elements mainly include text and photos. Text is the content of dreams and expresses beautiful fantasy. The photo is about a dream scene, and the picture is blurred, which is more in line with the theme of the dream. The overall presentation is a minimalist style, but also to make everyone look clearer and clearer.



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