The Covid-19 outbreak has seen sweeping changes across world, we’ve to stay at home most of time to protect ourself, but it has also given me more time to be alone and focus on my own emotions. I was inspired by the fact that during the lockdown, mobile phone became an important tool for us to access information, as well as my own sense of insecurity. My work is two little guys looking at their phones in a crouched position. Animals usually curl up and store food to protect themselves,and there are also similarities in some human behaviors. When we are sad, we prefer to hide under the covers and eat to relieve our anxiety. So, when I made the clay products, I made them round and puffed up their cheeks to express what I felt during the lockdown. This work is a record of a period of time, as well as a reflection, hoping that we can spend this time in a positive and healthy way.

final product


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