My work praise mountains and rocks, which mean nature. Plants and flowers which symbolize human nature and desire, using the method to metaphor the present to pay attention to the deepest emotions of human nature. That is, the harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. It narrates the nature; people are always the hidden clue behind my work. So the balance becomes mainline of my work. People and nature are the keywords in my work, but their relationship is full of unknowns, as well as a strong attraction. This form of expression release ongoing exploration of self-consciousness, self-reflection. Self-examination, examining the relationship between humans and nature. Furthermore, the mood conveyed in my work is that the sudden epidemic has disrupted the rhythm of life. All fashionable, bright, energetic, and happy, are all shattered in the face of plague and health. The city began to avoid communication, closed, empty, horrible, lonely, and helpless. The booming era created by consumerism disappeared. Humanity avoided a corner, reflected on the meaning of development, and sought the salvation of the soul. Is this the law of nature or the torture of other forces, as far as i can see, it is something worth thinking about?


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