2020 is a new beginning, but no one realizes a crisis is coming. In just a few months, millions of people worldwide have been infected. I realized that this was a special moment, creative inspiration comes from the reflection and observation of daily life under the epidemic. When the alarm of epidemic prevention and control sounded, how my life changed. This work uses a mouth standpoint to look at my new daily experiences and perceptions during the epidemic. In this project, I am also thinking about whether I can observe, collect, and record the crises and changes that I have witnessed, and use a series of posters to record the urban images and group visual memories of the epidemic in a graphic design language. I want to use this project to convey my thoughts and values about this pandemic crisis. The mouth is the most functional organ. When the mouth is covered, the mask becomes a barrier, resisting viruses. Invisibly, it also blocks the communication between people. So I use the shield as the theme to metaphor the current state of life. This is also a historic turning point for our generation. Almost overnight everything around us has changed. One by one news is constantly refreshing people’s cognition of epidemic situation, as well as the habits of the most people in daily life.  People's living habits have undergone a new reshaping, and people are adjusting and adapting to this new daily routine. We look forward to the return of the free life of the past as soon as possible, and hope that the good habits and attitudes that have changed due to the new daily life will continue.

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