Touch the Distance (H 260 × W 240 × D 85mm) explores the beauty of different distances by replacing abstract 'distance' with specific element symbols to make it visible. We are currently in strange times where a lot of new phenomena are happening. These new phenomena have gradually become normal and have been integrated into people's lives, forming New Normal. Among them, keeping a safe social distance and avoiding direct touch is the most widespread New Normal. Keeping distance is not only to protect ourselves, but also to protect the health and safety of others. It is a two-way influence. This two-way influence is through the invisible communication between people, no direct touch, to convey a message that they want to protect the safety of both sides. Thus, I took the invisible 'distance' and our limited 'touch', which have contradictory meanings, as design points to create, trying to visualize them. Then I thought of hand, light, frame and tracing paper. In my project, light, as a visible but untouchable thing, crosses and shuttles between people, connecting you and me, representing 'distance'. The hand symbolizes 'touch'. The wooden frame implies our limited direct contact. The hazy visual effect of tracing paper expresses the abstraction and uncertainty of distance and touch. As the kinds of light (natural light, floodlight, spotlight), intensity and distance change, the work could bring different visual effects, implying different distances between people make different kinds of beauty.

Natural light - Floodlight - Spotlight

The light fade out


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