My video satirizes the helpless reality that people have to stay at home and buy masks because of Coronavirus, and expresses a desire for freedom. Desperate for travel and freedom, the protagonist makes a trip in sleep. Dreams always come back to reality, so I named this video Wake Up. The name has two meanings, one meaning that the protagonist wakes up to see the time shown on the phone, and the other meaning that the protagonist needs to wake up from a travelling dream, and the audience seems to want to say to the protagonist "Please wake up, don't dream". Wake Up is a stuck point video. It's more like a vlog that's narrative through the style of background music. The song, Sunflower Feelings, which is about love, one person's thoughts and confessions about another. This reminds me of the outbursts of Coronavirus that turned many relationships into long-distance relationships. Wake Up continues the usual black humour of my previous short films. I gave up using a heavy camera and camera stabilizer to shoot and wanted to challenge the smaller and more flexible way of shooting on my iPhone. In this video, I made use of the technique of the logical unity of vocal images in the audio-visual language and the skill of circular narrative. I hope that many years from now, people can remember this particular period by watching my video, and cherish their health and peaceful life more.


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