This project from my own experiences and real feelings since 2020. It combines Sound art and Moving Image to reveal the neglected real life in the current strange era. The purpose of my project is to explore the passive feelings of ordinary people living in cities in the face of a series of uncontrollable events such as epidemic situations, disease, and politics in a seemingly stable and controllable contemporary society. We should further reflect the imbalance between the lag of the medical system and the rapid development of information technology in this era of the technological revolution. It attempts to arouse society pay attention to the medical and health system. I think the Sound Art is the best way to express this work. Because hearing is a kind of passive input sensory organ. The feeling of passive input is just like the feeling that we face society today. The epidemic is beyond our control, and it is passively attacking us, including the development of everything around us. Sound, the medium of communication, also passively attacks us. We can't choose what voices we hear or reject, they're always hitting us together. My whole work reflects the pressure of the impact. So in video shooting, I fixed the camera position to record the impact of the outside world on the picture. In the video, whenever someone intrudes into the camera, the plastic curtain collide with each other, causing a surge between people and objects.


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