My New Home is a contemporary watercolour painting in the paper that I created to reflect my unique experience in the new life that has changed in the pandemic of COVID 19. In this work I try to focus on two sides, one is the importance of reflecting the relationships, activities and routine between my family, and the other is a positive side for this pandemic that I have seen in my home which has touched something sensitive inside me. The main inspiration for this work has come from my family photos. I chose plant that I saw it inside these photos as a concept to reflect my idea. I felt this plant had been given my work more in-depth meaning for the main idea, to show how we can as a family continue to growing and working together nonstop to make everything great in all danger around us. Which is effectively a positive reflection in the people who have a terrible background of this situation. This artwork reflects something new inside me, it’s given me new meaning to now my home is not like any home, which help us to continue with dreaming and the life with many love.

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