My new normal project is an installation designed with the theme of "wake up to disaster", to convey that we should pay attention to the disaster, no matter how far away it is, no matter how small. 2020 is the new normal for everyone, and as the virus spreads around us, it makes us more protective of ourselves. But at first, we thought it was just a common, ordinary seasonal flu, until we found out that there were a lot of people infected, and the death toll kept rising, and then we realized it was a viral disaster. So I began to wonder, why many disasters have spread to all around us, but there are still many people with low vigilance? Maybe it's because many people feel that some of the disasters are too far away. The epidemic, which has shaken the whole country, has caused huge losses to the whole society and the people. We have faced similar disasters before. Why haven't we learned our lessons well? If the same epidemic happens again, will we be able to detect the disaster in the first place? These questions have to arouse our deep thinking.

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