During this period, I have been exploring the relationship between people and objects or space. You know, when we are in a familiar place, it’s easy for us to ignore some details, but consider this situation, if we zoom in on some small items, such as the handles of stairwells, toilet in bathrooms, books that we usually read, ect, and then magnify them infinitely, those items that we meet every day may become strange. This gives me a sense of separation. Observing from another perspective, these items become formal, abstract, and you can find their own rhythm and pattern. In this case, familiar places become fresh and attractive. As time went by, the contents in the notebook grew from scratch and gradually became old from the appearance. As it changes, my mind as a recorder changes with it. So I used four paintings to record the changing process of this notebook, as well as the growth process of my language learning during this period.

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