Breath, the theme of this New Normal project, focuses on my personal feeling of living in this special period. The breathing environment of people has changed a lot compared with the past. Because of the COVID-19, we have to wear masks to keep away from people. The human relationship seems to be pulled further and further apart, and each of us is more like "A person" breathing alone in a space than in the past. The project is inspired by one of my emotional sketchbooks. I selected one of sketch to reflect the state of a group with the same feelings as me breathing alone all the time during this period from my personal perspective. In this project, I tried to illustrate the abstract concept of "breathing" from the angles of pattern and drapping. I define breathing as two meanings. The first meaning is that we are in an environment where we are forced to wear a mask to protect ourselves, but at the same time we become alienated from each other. The second meaning is about my personal feelings, which I express in a figurative way through the breathing relationship between me and the quilt to express my feelings about being alone for a long time during this period.

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