This project is a concept about isolating myself. All eight works are completed through screenshots of the Sims 4 game. I created a character very similar with myself in the game, and built a house on an isolated island as much as possible based on the room I rented. This house is almost the same in layout and furniture as mine, but I removed the door. This house without the door on the island represents my inner world, and all the activities that the character do in the room are also that I will do in isolation. In this game, the psychological state of the character's initial health (green diamond) gradually becomes gloomy (yellow diamond) and irritable (red diamond) under my operation. The character basically only does two things, looking at the tablet and sleeping without any contact with the outside world. When I isolate myself, I always do nothing, just sleep, read novels and watch TV. I do not take shower or contact friends. This is a behavior that hurts mental health, and the ending of the game may also become my ending on a certain day.

Live in a coffin

Sleep whole day

Appreciate self

Going down

Become smelly



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