The idea is to create a performance of christianity religious and being converted to anti- christian symbol using simple action idea. “- I think one powerful idea could turn the object to 360 degrees.” Performing art practice which is switching the concept idea. Constructive cross design represents christian religious . The cross design made of simple A4 size paper and drawn the question mark on top of it. Question marks represents the idea of ” Is religious true of existence in our society?”. In middle of the video, taken out two papers from the sides and adding them on the bottom- makes the upside down cross. Upside down cross is presenting the idea of ” anti christianity” or ” believe in yourself”. Idea of the video is to perform the artwork which can be change in very simple way. The video made in black and white which can be present as disappointment of people’s hesitation to religious in our social society. As we have so many religious in human race as we can just question- which one is true or which one to choose.



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