Creating installation of visual communication. Cut out of fabric, cartoon paper, shaped human’s heads, carefully taped on the wall. Adding human’s hand shaped, cut out of carbon, as well taped on the wall. Adding wood sticks and razors on the background- taped to the wall, as well. As an object-“tape” is very important, because is connects the things. All composition/installation replicates the crowd of people which are communicate to each other. Installation made in aesthetic, clean view. This piece is made in the tattoo studio, where you can find a lot of surrounded materials, which was used for installation. The razors and wood stick also is a communicative elements, as well. Cut out pieces is 2D shaped head’s which has different emotions too. Composition of different materials makes peaceful look to the viewer. Here is a mess as well, but it made in clean way. Artwork is made in London, where is crowded people, so the artwork has connection to the area. Connectivity is very important to the life of living. We are always want to encourage each other to communicate, make friends go to party or so on… Trough art, social media we also talk to each other…





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