The phenomenon of audience ageing affects different forms of performance to various degrees. To figure out the reason and possible solution, the researcher took eight young people between the ages of 20 and 30, developed a series of interventions, and tracked each person's changes for six months. The project starts from two perspectives: expanding awareness and building connections between the audience and the musical theatre participators, including performers, operators, educators and consumers. In this action research, a large number of videos were used to track and record the changes of participants. As the process going on, there are many interesting stories and experience I heard from my audience. Understanding different choices of decision-making. And learning to keep my mind open to different voices, especially the voice that I can not understand at the beginning. It's worth noting that the project is in the on-going situation. I believe it has the potential to benefit on consumer subject, performance subject, creation subject, education subject and supervision subject.

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1.Survey with 8 target audience

Video test (Action research1)

2.4 videos created by me

Video test (Action research1)

3.2020-2021 show guidance

Video test (Action research1)

4.2020-2021 show guidance- chinese edition

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5.A guide for Musical Theatre beginners

Video test (Action research1)

6.Experts feedback on 4 videos

Video test (Action research1)

7.Interview with 8 target audiences after watching the videos

Video test (Action research1)

8.Case study 1

Miss Lu

9.Case study: Audience 1

One to one tour (Action research2)

10.Case study 2

Miss Wang

11.Case study: Audience 2

One to one tour (Action research2)

12.Case study 3

Miss Deng

13.Case study: Audience 3

One to one tour (Action research2)

14.Case study 4

Miss Lin

15.Case study: Audience 4

One to one tour (Action research2)

16.Changes of participators

One to one tour (Action research2)

17.Experts sharing experience and advices with audience

Action research 3

18.Mr Xu's sharing

Actor of musical theatre, immersive theatre and drama

19.Mr. Wang's sharing

Tutor of musical performing and theory

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