Dream. Snap. Freedom. is a month-long online exhibition and programme focusing on radical play through photography. Radical play refers to an avenue of activism that prioritises joy and solidarity. Examples like Notting Hill Carnival, the Pride Festival, and other events where dancing, dressing up, taking up space and celebrating identity, offer another view of activism, that is often excluded from mass media coverage. The work of the photographers and activists presented in this project aims to render accessible forms of radical play, through its representation in photography. Curated by myself and four other students from the MA Culture, Criticism and Curation MA degree, the exhibition highlights LGBTQ+, anti-racism and feminist ‘radical play’. The research and chosen works draws both from the Half Moon Photography Workshop, the Camerawork exhibition archive at Four Corners as well as from a series of commissioned photography works. Creating an inter-generational dialogue with work by upcoming and graduate photographers, we are re-activating the Four Corners archive within a contemporary setting by considering how different generations engage with similar issues in the ongoing fight for equality and representation. www.dreamsnapfreedom.com

Dream.Snap.Freedom - LGBTQ+ activism Panel Discussion 19th Nov. with Ed Webb-Ingall and Isobel Van Dyke

I was also the events co-ordinator for our online exhibition and programme. Here is the first event on LGBTQ+ activism with artists Ed Webb-Ingall and Isobel Van Dyke.

RainCrew 2019 by Sebastian Barros

Carnival 1987 by Maria Luiza Carvalho

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