To help foreign fashion handbag brands to better understand Chinese culture by enabling a better alignment between products, branding and contemporary Chinese aesthetics

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In the process of entering Chinese market, many foreign brands try to win the favour of Chinese consumers by using “Chinese cultural elements” in their cross-cultural strategy. However, some of them have caused significant controversy in Chinese social media such as such as Dolce & Gabbana and Balenciaga. Because these advertisements come across as a kind of disrespect to Chinese culture. This project aims to explore why foreign brands are unable to properly use Chinese culture as a branding tool to satisfy the tastes of Chinese consumers and discover how to help them to better understand how to approach this. It’s more about understanding “Chinese culture” and being sensitive to how adverts will be perceived so that they do not offend Chinese consumers or get misunderstood.


century-old maison located in Shanghai, rented by PRADA

Double Diamond

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