My research investigates whether centring neurodivergent people in educational encounters can help to coalesce a community of critical practitioners. I define neurodivergence loosely as ways of thinking, expressing oneself, and relating to the world that are outside of a society's dominant norms. As a critical educator, I have explored whether actively anticipating neurodivergence can bring people together and change the ways we interact with the world and our shared networks. Through a series of tests, I have designed an approach to teaching, facilitation and space travel that can flex and be site-specific. From exhibitions to badges to workshop activities to sensory stimscapes, this pedagogy continues to grow and shoot off on intergalactic tangents. Riffing on the common neurodivergent experience of feeling like an extra-terrestrial, this project positions each of us in orbit of our learning and of each other. Each of our orbits have their own shape and speed, and this pedagogy facilitates encounters in those orbits. I give thanks to my disabled and neurodivergent communities who continually hold me and teach me. I give thanks to Shades of Noir for facilitating my first encounters with practice-based social justice. I give thanks to Sins Invalid for carving out the path for Disability Justice and inspiring this work. I give thanks to adrienne maree brown for introducing me to emergent strategy.

Encounters in Orbit - Final Presentation

A 5-minute summary of my final project, with captions.

Neurodiversions II

The second of two exhibitions of print and digital media, celebrating neurodivergence and inviting visitors to be distracted, focus in on small details and embark on many conversational tangents


Exploring badges as semiotic mediators of communication and sensory preferences and special interests. These neon yellow and green 'DARE TO CARE' badges communicate my lifelong learning and interest in care work.

Image descriptions

A snapshot from a workshop activity to describe an artwork - promoting multisensory and poetic engagement with visual images.


A snapshot from a prototype stimscape on Padlet - a living archive of sensory soothers, unique to each person. In this example there are photos and videos of water, trees, colourful lights and textured surfaces.

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