This is a short children’s picture book aimed at mentoring parents into creating safe and neutral spaces should families encounter trauma during separation. With contributions from early learning practitioners, counsellors and established authors, this book holds a potential key in being able open up new portals of communication and forgiveness. The story follows Clara and her Tom cat as she spends time at her Mum’s and Dad’s houses post separation. It is a narrative and support guide for parents, in order to make the transition as smooth a process as possible. The many positives that have come from my research and interventions have gone far beyond what I thought might be possible to achieve. My initiative with Guille-Alles library and Families need Fathers in helping me to launch my book has guaranteed me the opportunity of spreading encouragement and hope to many parents who have to go through the complexity of separation. This book has already opened up wider discussions in the importance of a child seeing both parents. This book is not seeking to create division but will help unify and heal families through trauma and to continue growth when they come out of the storm.

Iterations of illustrations

Several iterations of the book went through interventions with early learning practitioners, counsellors, authors and stakeholders.

Trauma in separation

Clara is visibly upset at having to watch her parents fight over and over.

Clara on her way to Dad's house - full of optimism.

Using pins / badges as incentives. Becoming a designer.

Final illustration in book.

Clara is shown to be a happy little girl as both parents have created a 'magic doorway' in which she can flourish.

Interpretations of my research question.

Using my own M.A. project to overcome trauma.

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