Working from the foundation of Discourse Theory and Analysis as instantiated by the French philosopher and historian of ideas Michel Foucault (1926–1984), this project focuses on the notes around resilience and falls on the example of menstruation. My teammates and I tried to develop a critical understanding of a range of key contemporary discourses around resilience as they shape our culture. Specifically, we put this notion in the framework of casual layered analysis, and examined our findings through a series of research on menstruation. By doing so, we created strategies for the development of further discussion and relevant future opportunities.

Casual Layered Analysis

We used casual layered analysis as a research method, and an approach to make inquires into the past, present, and future to frame the problems around resilience and menstruation.

Tampon taboo

To unpack the topic of menstruation, we took tampon as a boundary object to concentrate for further analysis and asked as many questions as we can regarding tampon—one of the most commonly used and stigmatized tools women use.


Restructuring issues discussed around menstruation, we came up with this 'individual-society/positive-nagative' matrix to include more perspectives in our research.

Language of menstruation

In this illustration I created, I meant to point out the fact that menstruation has been translated from a constant state of normal to something we need to hide, to skirt around, to create a distance from our body. The moment we take that tampon out, is the moment discourses about menstruation start.


This is interviews I conducted to explore what people close to me react to the subject of menstruation.


To further explore people's understanding of menstruation, we designed this diagram with different branched to help people to obtain a clearer understanding of menstruation and begin to conceptualize menstruation as a constant and natural state of normal.

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