This installation depicts a sensuous interpretation that the perspective of an Artist in captivity. The commonplace items that window and curtain exit in every apartment, so that they efficiently evoke a strong feeling of the relationship between the inner world and outer space. Inspired by cumulous clouds I could see every day from my window, and The Crucifixion of Jesus that a classical painting describes the plainness of Jesus’s death. Additionally, the ties on the curtain are considered as an expression of stress and pain, which are the main emotions that occur among me and also human beings during this pandemic. Though the cloud often makes people calm and relaxed, there is still sometimes that might make people not peaceful but stressed, just the same experience from daily life. Thus, the installation is named by “The Cloud”, referring to a visible mass of condensed watery vapour, and also a state of contemporary life of mine.

Before Sunrise

The effect in the day

Before Midnight

The effect on the night


The curtain being put up

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