“In the name of perpetual connection” explores the dark side of the constant attachment to our technological devices. My work explores how the condition of perpetual connection has changed us and our lives focussing on aspects such as privacy, dependence, intimacy and power of presence. Surreal scenes of a falsely idyllic world suggest a metaphorical dimension where virtual and physical reality become one. Each scene shows the human body always chained, absorbed or even integrated with technologies, reflecting the contemporary reality in a dystopian perspective. My work contrast the familiar with the unfamiliar, the material with the immaterial: elements are are juxtaposed in unexpected ways, aiming to reveal hidden insights. I distort and bend the idea of reality, fusing it with a sense of the grotesque. Images communicate indirectly with the viewer through visual associations, inviting them to enter a colorful nightmare.

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Contemporary Anatomies I, portrait

Contemporary Anatomies II, portrait

Absorbed, series

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