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5 Korean Makeup Products You Should Invest In.

Cosmetic beauty experts worldwide only have had two words in mouth for the past few years : Korean cosmetics. As you already know Korean women are known worldwide for their incredible daily skincare and makeup routine. We decided to make you a quick selection of popular makeup items in South Korea:
Korean makeup products are well known for their eye-catching packaging. Peripera Velvet ink is the perfect example. Contained in a tiny cute ink dropper bottle, this airy lip tint can be applied on the lips effortlessly. As the product is creamy and its color intense, you only need to swap the wand on the lower lip and then press your lips together. The secret for a perfect application is to spread the color using your finger accordingly to the intensity you desire. I personally have been using Peripera Velvet Ink for two years now as it lasts pretty long and feels like feather on the lips while hydrating them.
Not being a fan of powder blushes as they are not adapted to my skin type I decided to opt for a liquid cushion. 3CE cushion powder being highly pigmented I decided to give it a try. I was quite surprised about the texture of the product. Unlike usual cushion blushes, this one is very light weighted and do not stick at all. The texture dries up very fast and is perfect for an all-day glow. 3CE cushion blush exists in six different colors and its packaging reflects perfectly the product”s tint.
Creamy and liquid eyeshadows tend to be more and more trendy these days. Missha Eye Painting Shadow exists in five shimmery colors : Pink Boost, Sunset Brown, Starlight Beige, Orange Dream and Beach Gravel. These tints fit perfectly on all skin tones as they brighten up the complexion. Being very versatile, Missha Eye Painting Shadow can also be used for a little touch of glow on both cheeks and lips. As it has a mild texture you can mix different colors together and get plenty of options for a daily use.
Innisfree Setting Powder is one of the most loved products by Korean women. Seen in its pot, it looks white but when applied it is perfectly translucid. In addition to blurring pores and matifying the complexion, it also makes the skin smoother and offers a silky finish. Its main active ingredients being derived from Jeju Minerals and mint offer a natural dimension to the powder. Being light-weighted, Innisfree setting powder feels like a feather and controls better excess of oil for a natural free shine look.
Eyebrows are the reflection of your personality...Aren’t they ? Kidding. Only because eyebrows are one of the most important parts of your face that determine your facial expression, Etude House decided to create a product that would help you emphasize them. Indeed, defining better and having full eyebrows is something most women wish. Etude House eyebrow volumizer gives you the freedom to play with the shape of your eyebrows by creating volume thanks to its texture. It is both very easy to use and exists in six different options.

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