Influencing the negative narrative that surrounds immigrants through storytelling.

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When it comes to immigration, the media's narrative seems to rarely focus on the stories of real people trying to be better or do better; instead, the conversation has been dominated by punishment, crime, hopelessness & sadness. We understand such unfortunate events happen and fully acknowledge their existence but for the purpose of our project we are believing in the power of positive storytelling. By sharing your experiences as an immigrant, you will give yourself a voice, and have the opportunity to demonstrate how kindness, acceptance and positivity can still be experienced outside of your home country. At the same time, you gain the opportunity to inspire and help others. introduces The Wall This wall is meant to honor immigrants & migrants not only in East London but worldwide. This wall filled with your stories is meant to restore a bit of faith in humanity while also educating and promoting human connection. This project aims to be an outlet to express, dig deep, challenge perceptions and promote understanding but ultimately a space to remind everyone that We're All The Same.

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