The application is a module to improve the relationships between food delivery service and sustainability. Moreover, the core functions of the application assist the users by informing, educating, facilitating, entertaining, and emphasising the value of the eco-friendly system.

What is GrabGreen?

GrabGreen is the application that could be the answer to city users, because apart from the app itself, it also provides the convenience of ordering food through simple yet understandable colour or info-graphic which stands out from other competitors.

Application Interfaces

Final application wireframes to introduce the touchpoint of the service. By the core idea of the app is to help offering and providing the opportunities for the users to get into sustainability.

GrabGreen Demo

GrabGreen developed application

Service Prototyping

To firstly proof concept testing by explaining and collecting the data through the physical testing.


I tested the prototype to gain more feedbacks and insights to develop each interfaces to be more functional for the next testing session.

Key Insights

Defining and Developing process is the session to understand and improve ideas from the insights throughout interviews and co-design session.

Educated Poster

It aims to help people get educating about wastes and the importances of managing the waste.

Online Ideation Platform

This is the online platform to understand the users' opinion and problem that customers of food delivery service is currently finding. Besides, online co-creation template gives space and comfortable atmosphere during the session elevates the participants' quality of their answers.

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