Roadmap into the future of Visual Design, while embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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AI getting deeply embedded in most industries & organizations, including the design industry, is creating a high demand for designers who can embrace the technological shift to elevate the quality of the output. But the unfamiliarity of the affiliated opportunities and challenges is making them apprehensive of joining forces with it. So the question now arises, how can a visual designer strategically position himself/herself to yield maximum out of the changing technological landscape? The research details on the future prospects of visual design while elaborating on the key skills that would be needed to excel in context of Visual Design.

Aim of the research

To develop a set of strategic guidelines for Visual designers, enabling a seamless transition into the AI driven design future to gain competitive advantage.

The gap analysis

The statistics from the primary research conducted demonstrates that there is a mismatch between the awareness and acceptance of AI tools. Maximum number of participants could discern the role of AI in the future of visual design, and yet many of them have never interacted with it in their creative processes.

The Research Outcome

A diagrammatic roadmap that demonstrates the milestones one needs to achieve to be able to attain the desired future.

The strategy matrix

Based on the outcome of the research, a strategy matrix has been created for anyone to understand their positioning in terms of their skills against the most probable future. One has to start by plotting himself/herself along the dotted axis in each of the quadrants on the basis of their individual expertise.

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